Thomas Fanto, -bass


Born in Gothenburg. Mother from Gothenburg, father from Vienna.

I have played bass since about 1972. After these decades of fantoistic bassism, i still enjoy it, and find it both amusing and challenging. I began with playing Cream, Mountain, John Mayall and that stuff my generation played at that time. Later on Gentle Giant, Genesis, Yes and that kind of very arranged symphonic rock became popular and also for us, we practiced rehearsed and played... Next natural step was of course to check The Mahavishnu Orchestra , with the fantastic guitarplayer John McLaughlin. After that there was no return to the old stuff, and we discovered a new world of music such as Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Headhunters, Tower Of Power, Weather Report and so on. There the Jaco Pastorius played - the man that redefined the electric bass. During this time i met and played with a group in Gothenburg named Mwendo Dawa. This group still exist and is one of my alltime favorites. During my time in Mwendo , there was a at that time young and interesting guitarplayer. Hes name was Ulf Wakenius - today one of the most influencial jazzguitarists in the world. The last years I have been doing some two albums with my own compositions on them. This was even more funny then just backing other people up, so more is to come, just wait . .